Buy-Back Plan

Buy-Back Plan

Auas Motors (Pty) Ltd offers an exclusive 25% Buy-Back (Repurchase) Agreement to Hakos’ clients, which means that Auas Motors guarantees that they will repurchase the vehicle at a minimum amount of 25% of the original purchase price of the vehicle, provided that the normal terms and conditions of the “Buy-Back Agreement” is upheld. 

The 25% portion (“Buy-Back portion) is financed separately and effectively used as a capital reduction to the primary Instalment Sale Agreement. The “Buy-Back Plan” only becomes repayable at the end of the term of the Instalment Sale Agreement, and only interest is payable on the “Buy-Back Plan” during the term.

  • On Maturity of the Instalment Sale Agreement, you will have the following options:
    • You can keep the vehicle, provided you settle the total amount outstanding on the “Buy-Back Plan” or
    • You can exercise your option to trade the vehicle for a brand new one with Auas Motors for an agreed price and Auas Motors settles the “Buy-Back Plan” balance.
  • Accessories can be added to the Instalment Sale contract, provided the amount is limited to 20% of the total cost of the vehicle.
  • Deposit:  Minimum 10%
  • Repayment Terms:  Minimum 6 Months / Maximum 54 Months
  • Insurance: The vehicle must be insured for the duration of the loan


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05 August 2019


Buy-Back Plan